In 1967, the members of Certes Lodge No. 4606 started talking about the creation of a daughter lodge due to the large number of member in Certes Lodge. This came to fruition on 4th September 1968 with the consecration of Semper Amicus Lodge.

The Consecrating Officer was VW Bro JW Stubbs PJGW Grand Secretary

  • W Bro Hon Mr Justice Bagnall MBE
  • W Bro Rev GWN Groves OBE
  • W Bro Sir John Newson-Smith Bt
  • W Bro AW Powley
  • W Bro J Hedges


  • W Bro AS Drew PGD (Bucks)
  • W Bro RA Turner PPGD (Bucks)
  • W Bro CE Wigmore LGR
  • W Bro TD Rowe
  • W Bro L Stokes
  • W Bro EGW Eley
  • W Bro E Everest
  • W Bro H Everest
  • W Bro HA Standon
  • Bro R Taylor
  • Bro RDW Higgings
  • Bro J Harvey
  • Bro J Moore
  • Bro E Iles
  • Bro WGA Corke

All but three of the Founders of Semper Amicus were Certes members

The current Masters of Semper Amicus and of Certes Lodge have permanent invitations to all meetings of the other lodge due to the great friendship between the two lodges.

The lodges also share a Lodge of Instruction